iFi PowerStation テクニカルノート Part.1 アクティブ化された電源タップ

Active Mains Purification
Poor mains power has an impact on audio. The quality of our mains power is further eroded by the abundance of cheap switch-mode power supplies in typical household appliances and the sea of RFI/EMI in which we are constantly bathed.

The iFi PowerStation is the solution. It forms part of our range of products that reduce ‘noise’ (distortion) in incoming electrical power - both directly from the mains or via USB ports. The PowerStation is the first to offer our proprietary Active Noise Cancellation in a whole-system, six/eight-outlet mains solution.



それを解決するのが、iFiPowerStationです。電源から直接入ってくる、あるいはまたUSBポート経由で入ってくる電力中の「ノイズ」(歪み)を低減する、弊社の一連の製品のひとつです。PowerStationは、弊社独自のActive Noise Cancelation(アクティブ・ノイズ・キャンセレーション)をシステム全体で提供する最初の製品で、6個または8個の電源接続端子が電源の問題を解決します。

Part 1: Actively goes where no power block has gone before
The PowerStation’s core performance–enhancing technology is Active Noise Cancellation II. It is an ACTIVE not a passive product. This enables it to achieve a far more comprehensive termination of noise across the frequency spectrum.

Most power ‘conditioning’ products engage passive noise reduction through a selection of filters and regulators. Whilst this can be effective, it has inherent disadvantages compared to our active system, which uses inverse noise current to cancel out the noise in the mains signal. The way this works is not unlike the technology in noise-cancelling headphones.

Noise in the mains supply occurs at different frequencies, depending on the cause. Passive noise reduction systems are effective at the top end of the frequency spectrum but tend to be less so at lower frequencies. In addition, passive systems need large capacitors to be truly effective, which make the best such products bulky and expensive.

This chart compares the (green line) which is ACTIVE to generic mains filters (red line) which are typically passive.

PowerStationの核心となる、パフォーマンスを強化するテクノロジーが、Active Noise Cancellation 2です。つまり、パッシブではなく、アクティブな製品なのです。これによって、周波数帯域の全体にわたって、従来よりもはるかに広範囲にわたるノイズ除去が可能になります。




The effective noise reduction difference can easily be seen.
i. MUCH better at -40dB
ii. Effective across the WHOLE frequency range

 i -40dBで「ずっと」良好
ii. 周波数帯域「全体」で有効

Our Active Noise Cancellation II is effective in reducing noise consistently across the entire frequency spectrum, by approximately -40dB. This is coupled to additional passive filtering on each outlet to eradicate noise at the very highest frequencies – typically caused by wireless transmission systems. The result is a mains block that delivers highly effective reduction of both differential mode noise (caused by conventional switch-mode power supplies, for example) and common mode noise (including interference caused by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

わたしたちのActive Noise Cancellation 2は、周波数帯域全体を通じて、一貫して約-40dB程度ノイズを低減する効果があります。これが、それぞれの電源端子のパッシブ・フィルターと組み合わされて、最高周波数帯域(無線伝送システムが原因となるのが典型です)までノイズを根絶するのです。その結果、ディファレンシャル・モード・ノイズ(たとえば、昔ながらのスイッチング電源が原因となります)とコモン・モード・ノイズ(WiFiBluetoothが原因の干渉)の両方で、きわめて効果の高いノイズ低減を実現する電源ブロックとなっているのです。

Where can the PowerStation be used?
The PowerStation is designed for use with ANY mains powered audio system. It is very effective when used with modern audio systems that have an abundance of digital and analogue components.

Typically, these systems are powered by a plethora of mains plugs. All of these ‘wall warts’ can add their own unwanted noise issues and pollute the local mains supply. The noise busting capabilities of the PowerStation can be taken one step further by adding our AC iPurifier to separate digital and analogue components and reduce cross contamination.


こういったシステムは、多数の電源プラグで給電されるのが典型です。これに使用される「ACアダプター」は、そのすべてが望ましくないノイズを加えて電源を汚染します。PowerStationのノイズ撃退能力は、AC iPurifierを加えてデジタルとアナログのコンポーネントを分離させ、相互汚染を低減させることで、さらに一歩進めることができます。

It can also be used with your home devices such as televisions and computers – anything that would benefit from cleaner power.

Sonic improvements delivered by the PowerStation include greater clarity and definition, plus enhanced dynamic and spatial qualities, avoiding the apparent softening of leading edges, timing and dynamics that can occur with lesser mains filtering products.
Read more about mains noise to Part 2.




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