iTUBE: Elevating every system, like nothing before


The iTUBE is a Q-product. Its atypical features address specific fundamental shortcomings in recordings, analogue and digital playback. With the iTUBE in the playback chain, sonically, everything now sounds just ‘right’.
iTubeは “Q製品”(これまでになかった製品)です。その非凡な特徴は、録音特有の、そしてまたアナログ及びデジタル再生特有の、基本的欠陥を処理することです。再生システムの中にiTubeを加えると、音の点ですべてがまさに“正しく”響くのです。

What is it? それは何か?

- Tube Buffer/Pre-Amplifier with separate, dedicated circuitry for common analogue and digital playback issues. The multiple sonic benefits elevate any and every system.

Why do I need it? なぜ必要なのか?

- If you yearn for a greater ‘emotional connection’ to your music collection
- 音楽コレクションに感情的にもっとつながりたいと思うなら

- If you feel your soundstage is seemingly restricted; not as wide or deep as it should be
- 音場に限りがあると感じられる時; 本来あるべき音場ほど広くない、あるいは深くないと感じられる時

- If you find your digital playback is harsh/edgy and wish you could ‘withstand’ listening to it longer
- デジタル再生がきつくとがっているが、もっと長く聴いていたいと思うなら

What does it do? 何をするのか?

Feature 1: Tube Buffer/Pre-Amplifier  特徴1:管球式バッファ&プリ・アンプ

The Tube circuit lends a more ‘organic, realistic character to your system’ which makes for greater listening enjoyment.

Tubes and solid-state each have their own merits and demerits. Yes, in the lab, tubes do not ‘measure’ as well as solid-state. Yet in the real world, our ears ‘listen’, they do not ‘measure’. There is something intrinsically ‘ear-friendly’ with tubes which makes for real enjoyment and is far more preferable.

So if your solid-state amplifier or home theatre system makes you yearn for more…

Feature 2: 3D Holographic Sound®  特徴2:3Dホログラフィックサウンド(特許)

Due to the way the human head listens and the fact that recordings do not compensate for this, in virtually all audio systems, while upper frequencies are well-defined and well-spaced, lower frequencies are sadly, not. You find that the stereo image and definition is lacking for low frequencies.

3D HolographicSound corrects for recordings’ lack of correction for the human perception of stereo sound. Expect a stereo image that is deeper and wider and overall, more faithful to the original recording.

Applicable to all speaker systems from dynamic drivers to horns to electrostatics. No matter the driver technology, you will squeeze that bit more out of your speakers…

Feature 3: Digital Antidote Plus®  特徴3:デジタル・アンティドート・プラス(デジタル矯正プラス)(特許)

Digital Antidote Plus® is iFi’s latest solution for mainstream digital which has filters and Up/OverSampling in the signal path rendering the digital signal no longer ‘bit-perfect’.

These digital artifacts effect the music making it less enjoyable than it should be and is characterised by short listening and a yearning for a ‘higher quality recording’.

Digital Antidote Plus® makes digital audio sound more organic and life-like and simply, more tonally accurate with the right attack and decay. It just makes digital audio more enjoyable, for longer.

For generic digital sources from low-cost DACs to CD to blu-ray players, Digital Antidote Plus® is the sound for sore ears.

Feature 4: Analogue Volume Control  特徴4:アナログ・ヴォリューム・コントロール

Many computer audio systems use a digital volume control. The way such digital volume controls work, they truncate the signal. The analogue volume control in the iTUBE was selected because of its unrestricted dynamic range which means that at high and low volume levels, the same, openness, dynamics is available without the loss in resolution from digital truncation.

So if your digital volume leaves you ‘disinterested’ by the lack of dynamics/resolution…

We will follow up with in depth explanation of the above technologies in our upcoming white papers.

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