USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 - technical background and update

We have received some emails asking for technical support for a some new PCs/newest Macs with USB 3.0 ports and their iDSD.
USB3.0を装備した新しいPC及び最新のMacをnano iDSDと接続する際のテクニカルサポートについて、いくつかのe-mailをいただいています。

Some background information to shed light on this subject:
- USB docking ports are not all identical as they utilise different chipsets from different manufacturers.
- USB audio modules have a hardware+software to 'communicate' with these USB ports.
- USBドッキングポートは、すべてが同じというわけではありません。異なったメーカーの異なったチップセットが使われています。
- これらのUSBポートと通信するためのUSBオーディオモジュールは、ハードウェア+ソフトウェアで構成されています。

Computer audio is dynamic so we can only test to the very latest and if a new change comes along, we like any other manufacturer, will follow-suit. We try our absolute utmost to stay abreast but new changes/updates always occur. This is the ever-changing nature of computer audio.

We have shipped a sizeable number of iDSDs. The Firmware in all of them is based upon the official USB Specifications. We have tested this with a number of computers, but it is impossible for us to test with all models and makes. Thus far, the USB 3.0 issue is comparably infrequent - for some of the newest Windows PCs and the latest MBPs.
私たちはこれまでにかなりの数のnano iDSDを出荷してきました。nano iDSD内部に組み込まれたファームウェアは、USBフォーラムの公式な仕様に基づいて作成されています。私たちはこれを数多くのコンピューターでテストしましたが、すべてのモデル、すべてのメーカーをテストするのは不可能です。今までは、最新のWindows PCとMac Book Proでも、USB3.0の問題は比較的起こりませんでした。

We have identified firmware changes that should overcome all currently documented USB 3.0 issues, however the changes needed are far-reaching (almost a complete software re-write). iFi's in-house programming does take time but rest assured that we are pulling out all the stops to make the solution available as soon as possible.

The Intel (and others) USB 3.0 implementations have well-documented, substantial issues, which depend also on implementation in the Computer and driver software. Hence, this is why the USB3.0 issue works with some USB3.0 ports and not with others. These issues with USB 3.0 for both Windows and Mac are widely-discussed, but usually relate to external HDDs or USB memory sticks.

The underlying issues are with hardware (USB controller chips) and Software drivers not conforming to the official USB 3.0 Specification.

iFi workaround for new Windows Computers with USB 3.0 issue (Please click on this link and follow the instructions):
私たちはUSB3.0の問題を抱えたWindows PCを検証しています(以下のリンクをクリックして、指示に従ってください)。

You can see a screenshot of an example for setting this in the BIOS here:

Please refer to your computer's manual for details how to access the BIOS setting screen.

We are also examining workarounds for the newest Macs.

If you are one of the few whose USB3.0 port is not okay, iFi really does appreciate your endeavours.

Anyone who cannot use the iDSD with their standard computer setup and does not wish to wait for the update, should discuss a return with their retailer - we formally apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Last but not least, those who wish to be notified to test the new firmware as soon as it is ready, drop us a PM or email: tech@ifi-audio.com

We thank you in advance

iFI Audio UK

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